Welcome to the 10th chapter of John Christian’s Studio Sessions. The fourth subject that John approaches is ‘Mastering’. He structures this matter within 3 chapters. In the first chapter about Mastering John reveals his own way of making sure that there are no hidden sounds (like reverb tails or ongoing FX) keeping a drop from kicking in as loud as it can be. John also shows us how to create a difference in both the overall level and the frequency spectrum of a buildup in order to make sure that the drop has maximum impact when it kicks in. Mastering, back in the days, was done by audio engineers in external specialized studios and had a complete different purpose than how dance-producers often use it these days. Mastering was meant to compile albums which were recorded in different studios to achieve one overall sound. The mastering engineer than made a package (this used to be a tape) which he could send to a vinyl or cd press fabric. Nowadays a lot of producers are thinking that mastering is the secret ingredient to make a track sound as good as the ones from the bigger names. However mastering a track is very important but doing a proper mix down is equally or even more important in John’s opinion. It all requires trained and critical listening and the main purpose of mastering is to create optimal translation of the production on all playback systems. John Christian goes through Mastering techniques within chapter #10, #11 and #12. If you have any technical question regarding this Studio Sessions, you can place your comments on www.facebook.com/DJJohnChristian

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