John Christian’s Studio Sessions: Chapter 4 | EQ Part I

By 24 juli 2018januari 7th, 2021Studiosessions

Welcome to the 4th chapter of John Christian’s Studio Sessions. The second subject that John approaches is ‘EQ’. He structures this matter within the next 3 chapters. In ‘EQ part 1’ John takes us through his way of dealing with a kick and a baseline. When it comes to combining these two, EQ-ing them is an essential element of the treatment but also having them tuned the right way is heavily important. John even says that if you’re not having the kick and the baseline tuned the right way it becomes almost impossible to make a proper mix. It will even affect your mastering in a way that is, at the very least, undesirable. Sometimes it’s hard to hear what exactly goes wrong in the lowest frequencies of your production. In this episode John will show us what can go wrong, using a clear example. For him it always works to transpose sounds an octave up to have a clear overview on everything that’s going on and, more importantly, how to solve it. Especially for a good kick and base combination this trick works very well. Sensible EQ techniques will give you full control over the frequency spectrum of every instrument. You can shape the timbre of each sound and use it to solve problems. It’s even possible to enhance the stereo spectrum of your productions with certain equalizers. If you want to see how John does this, stay tuned for the upcoming episodes. John Christian goes through EQ-ing techniques within chapter #4, #5 and #6. If you have any technical question regarding this Studio Sessions, you can place your comments on

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