John Christian’s Studio Sessions: Chapter 6 | EQ Part III

By 24 juli 2018januari 7th, 2021Studiosessions

Welcome to the 6th chapter of John Christian’s Studio Sessions. The second subject that John approaches is ‘EQ’. He structures this matter within 3 chapters. In the third and final chapter about EQing, ‘EQ part 3’, John explains his technique for dynamic EQing. John uses this technique to colorize the sound and to tighten it up at the same time. For John this is the way to create loudness and energy and it gives full control over both the sound and the dynamics of each sound. This technique also works for mastering and John will release an episode about that aswell so make sure you stay tuned for the next episodes. Sensible EQ techniques will give you full control over the frequency spectrum of every instrument. You can shape the timbre of each sound and use it to solve problems. It’s even possible to enhance the stereo image of your productions with certain equalizers. John Christian goes through EQ-ing techniques within chapter #4, #5 and #6. If you have any technical question regarding this Studio Sessions, you can place your comments on­an

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