John Christian’s Studio Sessions: Chapter 8 | Landscaping Part II

By 24 juli 2018januari 7th, 2021Studiosessions

Welcome to the 8th chapter of John Christian’s Studio Sessions. The third subject that John approaches is ‘Landscaping’. He structures this matter within 3 chapters. In Landscaping part 2 John takes us through another technique you can use to create more space in your production; timing. In order to make your sound wider, there has to be a time difference between left and right, which will make your stereo image sound more open. By doing this you can fill your production with information and still leave room for your main element in the front. A simple trick which allows you to create a wide and when combined with reverb, also deep sound. Landscaping gives you the possibility to make your productions not only wider, but also deeper. You can get really creative with this as you can use these techniques on instruments, vocals, or any other kind of sound you’re using in your production. Which makes it very useful when it comes to creating a big sound. John Christian goes through Landscaping techniques within chapter #7, #8 and #9. If you have any technical question regarding this Studio Sessions, you can place your comments on­­an

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