Welcome to this special chapter of John Christian’s Studio Sessions.
In this episode John will take us through the process of creating ‘Next Level’. Even though it’s already released, it’s nice to review some parts of the production.

If you’ve watched the previous episodes of John Christian’s Studio Sessions, you’ll definitely recognize some of the tricks he used to make ‘Next Level’. John starts off with just the kick and the bass of the track so you can hear what it’s like, and goes more into depth from there. All the elements are very simple, but by making sounds wider, move things to the back and working with a lot of stereo image, you can create an original sound. He also explains how he made the track easy to mix into a DJ set and why it is so recognizable, even when the previous track is still playing. Last but not least, we get to hear what the track sounds like when it’s not mastered
New episodes of John Christian’s Studio Sessions will be released this fall. If you have any technical question regarding this Studio Sessions, you can place your comments on www.facebook.com/DJJohnChristian

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